My Supreme Hope

Posted: June 3, 2012 in Politics

I sincerely believe that, once this rancorous election season is concluded, whoever is elected or reelected as President will enjoy a disappearance of a lot of the venom that is being spewed in congress. The Republicans in congress, through one of their most senior spokesmen, have said that their number one priority is to make sure this President is a one term President. Once the election is concluded they will no longer have that as their number one priority. Progress just might be possible in solving a lot of the problems we are enduring because of the Republicans’ dishonorable orientation. So, why would the election of a Republican President not see the continuation of the present practices? I believe that the Dems (for all their weaknesses) aren’t as prone to the obnoxious practices we see in the R’s. So, a Republican President would see more cooperation from congress with less opposition from D’s. That’s assuming we could have a Republican President that isn’t as incompetent as the last occupier. Of course it is my hope that Barack Hussein Obama is reelected. This wonderful event will reduce the tendency of his campaign to let panic subvert its loftier goals by some practices that most of us would castigate our opponents for.


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