My Stroke Part I

Posted: June 25, 2012 in Health and wellness, Personal Growth

This happened last Friday. I had gone to the library to access its computer and print out something. I felt what seemed to be an ocular migraine, which I had experienced many times before. I sat and waited for it to go away, but it persisted. I went back to my car and drove to the Grocery Outlet to buy a juice drink. I had seemed to have some results consuming something like that restoring my eyesight.

I spent some time selecting what I thought was a tasty drink (without high-fructose corn syrup of course). When I went to pay for it I tried to tell the clerk about my ocular migraine, but I couldn’t remember the name of it. I wasn’t alarmed at this time; I’ve often had temporary memory lapses before without any great consequences. The clerk was sympathetic saying he knew what I meant by the description; but he couldn’t remember the name either. I went outside and drank the drink. I stood there for a long time but the feeling of the ocular migraine morphed into something else. Gradually I couldn’t think clearly and I decided to get into my car and write down the words “ocular migraine”. But, I still couldn’t say it. I decided to try to recite a poem I knew by heart. I couldn’t get past the second or third line. Now, I was concerned and somewhat panicked. I noticed the Kitsap Transit busses were at the transfer center about a hundred feet away. I decided to ask a bus driver to help me. I approached him and said I thought I had a problem. I tried to describe it as best I could and added that I would call 911 but I didn’t know just what to tell the operator. Finally, he coaxed me into making the call. The lady on the other end of the line was very helpful and she helped me make the decision for her to call an aid car. I felt I needed to go to the hospital; but I knew better than to drive there. I had been tempted to approach somebody with a driver’s license and as them to drive me there in my car. But, I didn’t know anybody near there.

When the aid car came they did some quick checks and asked me if I wanted the ambulance, which had arrived by now, to take me to the emergency room. I replied that I guessed so.

I don’t remember what I talked about on the way to the emergency room. It isn’t probably relevant. When I arrived they wheeled me into a room to wait for health care professionals. They came in really fast and did the initial checks. I lost track of time and a doctor came in fairly quickly. He did a quick analysis and determined that I had had a transient ischemic attack (TIA). He explained, as best as I can remember, that a small amount of the plaque that had built up in the veins leading to my brain had broken lose and lodged into a narrower passage of vein on its way into my brain. I believe he said that beings I was in such good health other veins were able to circumvent the clog and restore flow to my brain before serious injury happened.

The doctor wanted to (exact words fail me) into the hospital to get the tests done. I asked for how long and he responded for a couple of days. I then exclaimed “Oh, no. I can’t do that I have papers to deliver and there is nobody else to do it for me.” He said we could do them on an outpatient basis at a doctor’s office… probably on Monday. I said that would work.

He left and my wife came in. It seems my younger daughter had called to get a ride someplace and when I told her what was going on, she called everybody and his brother (sister) to tell them how I had had a stroke. Probably the first one she called was my wife. I had talked to her on the phone and told her where the car was. She didn’t know how she was going to get over there, so I told her to ask the neighbor-lady to give her a ride over there. She must have done that because she got the car and drove to the hospital.

The doctor returned saying I could go to an urgent care facility the next morning between 8 AM and noon. The exact sequence isn’t firm. This is as close to what happened as best as I and my wife could remember.
To be continued…


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