The American Ship of State in the 21st Century

Posted: November 5, 2012 in Politics
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If you were to consult Wikipedia or another reputable encyclopedia you would find that the metaphor ship of state has a long and rich history of use. Here is one that isn’t mentioned: our ship of state has two critical elements, a screw (that’s the accepted word for what landlubbers call a propeller – which is the propulsion for an aircraft) and a rudder. Progressives with a liberal orientation would be to the screw; and conservatives would be like the rudder. When we learn to recognize the legitimate contribution and accept thought and action from both camps, we will see real improvement in the function of our much maligned congress.

Taking the metaphor further, of course we think of a ship without a rudder being doomed to an erratic course destined to either wander aimlessly on the high seas, or collide with something and sink, but consider the ship without movement (way) and you realize it can’t be steered. So, progressives (liberals) taking over would probably run us aground; but conservatives who would stifle progress would doom us to an equally tragic  end.

  1. Bob Vermeers says:

    I am elated that you chose to read and write a positive review of my blog entry. Reading your “About” piece, I see that you are from a really diverse background from me. I would like to know about the liberal (progressive) and conservative movements in your government… that is, how you perceive them.

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