The Nobel Prize is a Joke?

Posted: December 31, 2012 in Health and wellness, Politics
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Today I am reading an account of the death of Dr. Rita-Montalcini, when I pondered the question: isn’t it interesting how nobody seems to doubt the validity of any Nobel prizes… unless it involves a noted political figure? I’ve seen the Nobel Peace Prize denigrated by many people when it was awarded to such luminaries as Al Gore (and the 2,000 scientists who gave credence to man made global warming). But, one is a surprise. President Obama couldn’t fathom why he was picked for the Peace Prize shortly after becoming the 44th President. The Nobel Prize committee gave eloquent defense for their pick… which probably convinced no one who are steadfast in their hatred for Obama.

Most Peace Prizes have been non-controversial. I can remember many over the years that merely raised awareness for their contributions to society. It is only lately, as the radical fringes raised their ugly heads, that recipients have become controversial.


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