Railing Against Ex Presidents Perks

Posted: March 26, 2013 in Ethics and Morality, Social Justice
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Reading about the millions of dollars provided to ex presidents for benefits above and beyond what is made available by law evokes a sense of disparagement. But, why do perks to former presidents bother me? Is it a sense of moral outrage? Is it because of the principle of federal austerity that is prevalent in today’s economy? A case could be made for the latter. But I don’t get upset at the millions of dollars spent for “worthy” causes. Yes, I am (in the words of a former ship-mate) a “bleeding heart liberal”. I believe in the general principle articulated by President Obama, of helping those (only) if they are unable to help themselves. Ok, that’s not original, but appropriate when seeking to explain the expenditures for entitlements. Am I bothered by expenditures of billions for other ex-public officials? I would wax philosophical about them worth every penny given to them. I have another possible explanation. It is consistent with my state in life. I just wonder if it is a common position with other harsh critics of what seems to be excessive spending for those who can help themselves. That state is of continuous financial difficulties. I admit I am a poor handler of money and spend what I have rather than save it; even when I should be saving some towards a looming charge.

Perhaps those who squawk the loudest are those who just want more for themselves… let’s call it for what it is, greed. They would deny others what is given to them. I have to believe that, according to the news item, the amounts seem excessive… until you rationalize the expenditures. The most questionable expenditure, in my view, is $442,000 for office space. Isn’t that office used mostly, if not all, for his foundation? Could somebody make the case that it is unfair for the tax payers to shell out public funds for a private operation? Welll, maybe it would be; but how about all the taxpayers dollars spent for facilities for the wealthy. Or are airplane owners (for which public funds are expended for supporting their hobbies) due the moneys spent? There are lots of rationalizing involved when you get into public spending. Unless somebody raises an objection (the only way for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing) a lot of public money goes for causes better financed by private sources.


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