Budget Complexities

Posted: April 15, 2013 in Costs of living

Imagine trying to handle a budget when one of your service’s billing department won’t tell you how much and when you have to pay to keep the service from being disconnected. It is that sense of uncertainty that makes your job way too complicated.

This is what I am faced with as I try to juggle my payments to Comcast (which I think is too expensive for what I need) and other more essential expenses… like electricity, rent, water, etc. To call it a conundrum is to add further complexity to the, often untenable task at hand. I thought I had gotten a definitive answer a couple of months ago only to be give a “shot across the bow” the other morning; when I was awakened from a sound sleep to a billing agent for Comcast. She proceeded to warn me of impending disconnection if I didn’t make a payment right away. Trying to maintain some sense of order, I went to my desk planner and tried to revise my budget for the next several weeks. I ended up making a commitment that leaves another, more essential item unpaid. But that wasn’t good enough for her. She demanded more in the following weeks to bring my account current. This is the kind of tactics that make me very angry at this company.


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