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Piano Ecstatica: an introduction

Posted: March 16, 2010 in Books

I you don’t like music put this book down.

If you are still reading this you either like music or you don’t particularly care for it but like a challenge to your preconceived notions that inhabit your world. I can’t promise you that reading this book will enhance your enjoyment of music; it might. I can’t promise you will even enjoy this book. There are places that will completely confuse you if you are too slow and plodding in your reading. Sometimes one must just plow through a book at first reading and depend on another reading to more fully understand the text. I hope this is that kind of a rendering of a story that developed years later from a brief association between me and a jazz pianist.

Besides being entertaining, with a rather fantastic idea that music could make such an epiphany in anybody, this book can turn-on alert readers – especially serious students – to further study of subjects that illuminate our times.

Those, who would deny access to reading by young and impressionable people because of racy content, will be relieved that passages, designed to describe complex personal relationships, won’t object to the content. I have purposely used vague and unexplicit descriptions of physical relations that describe what is happening as a spiritual event. I had two reasons to describe these events the way I did. Neither is more important than the other. They are: one, to describe a spiritual event; and, two, to avoid descriptions that might be considered prurient. This effort has another purpose. I would hope this book would be a wholesome source of entertainment as a spur to learn more about academic subjects.