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As I’ve long believed, companies whose workers are unionized thrive; while those who don’t don’t. Case in point: I once worked for Airborne Express. A coworker proudly announced, “We aren’t unionized. Airborne couldn’t survive if we were.” Not being particularly astute to the workers’ rights I didn’t have a response. Sometimes I feel like the “watcher” in the series “Highlander”. The “watcher” character didn’t have an active roll but did offer counsel to the main immortals. I don’t even try to offer unsolicited counsel. I prefer to follow Dale Carnegie’s idea that “you can’t tell anybody anything. You can only seek to inspire…” At least that’s a paraphrase of what he said. But I digress. The point is: there are two other thriving shippers, Fed Ex and United Parcel Service. And, guess what: they both thrive and are union. And where is Airborne Express these days? It was bought out by another multinational and you don’t see their (DHL) delivery trucks around here any more. So, today I see an article in a side-bar on page A8 of today’s Seattle Times, “Strike vs. Amazon” that the workers in Germany (unionized) are striking for more wages. That would seem to indicate that unions are somewhat strong in Germany (I’d have to check that one out) and, guess what is the strongest economy in Europe? You guessed it: Germany. I googled “unions in Germany” and, boy did I get an education… just by reading the citation headings. One could do a study on the subject by following the links. Another article in today’s Seattle Times tells of the newly elected Seattle City Counsel who proudly proclaims she is a socialist! She addressed a union gathering and advanced an idea she has had for quite a while that the government should use eminent domain and take Boeing and sell it to the workers…


What Seems Irrational

Posted: April 29, 2013 in Economy, Politics

I’m sorry, I just can’t help being skeptical of claims that the anti-tax bunch are raising against the proposed federal law to enforce the sales tax for on-line sales is irrational on their face. But, wait a minute. The same argument we have been making during the first Obama term, that the R’s agenda to make him a one term president is what was the real agenda for their apparently nonsensical arguments. Now, they would have us believe that is no longer an issue. But, keeping a Democratic president from being in office as the economy recovers and revenues begin to flow to local and state coffers – enabling much needed jobs – is a real possibility.

If you want an example of a totally irrational argument, try labeling the bill the “Let the People in Alabama loot the People in New York Act.” Nobody in New York will pay a single dime to the people in Alabama if this bill passes into law. The only people who will pay are the people in Alabama, when they purchase something from a business in New York. The closest issue that has any traction at all is the claim that it will cause undue hardship on companies that have on line businesses. I could see that if it were a real small business, but a well written software application would make the inconvenience minimal.

So, forget it anti-tax zealots. You’re losing! Join with us in spurring rational revenue raising to get this country going again. The number of critical infrastructure projects left undone are legend. You just can’t keep cutting from the poor and disenfranchised until you have enough money to do what is necessary. And instituting tolls to pay for each and every improvement is not an option. That’s the only way you can make those who use a service or improvement pay for itself.